11 year old system disk replaced.
PSU changed.
Fans replaced.
Internet connection upgraded to 100/100 Mbit fiber.
OS changed from Slackware to Debian Lenny.
Unused user accounts have been disabled.
Please email me if you wish to have the account back.
No files have been deleted.

As of christmas eve the domain name johnl.se is registered and linked
to this site thus the old name lotta.dhs.org is no longer used

There are some Tx (transmit) problems with eth0 on the server.
every once in awhile module reports that the card is unable to send data.
this is possible due to hardware problems or incompatible hardware.
this problem thould not be any problems to any users hence it appears very seldom.
no date is set for the fix. but preferably someone will fixt it within a couple of months